People of different sects live in our country Pakistan which is why marriage in Pakistan is done according to these sects. Ali & Associates provides facilities for all its clients to get married according to their sects. In this regard, they provide all legal assistance to Pakistanis living in Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad.
The procedure in Shia court marriage is the same as other court marriages because according to Pakistani law every man and woman who is an adult and is 18 years old can get married of their own free will and the law gives them full protection.
We also provide Shia Online Court Marriage services for Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad. The procedure is available in online Court Marriage. For any confusion regarding Shia marriage, clients can contact us at any time as we would be happy to help them with the legal procedure of court marriage in Pakistan and provide them the easiest services. In addition, we provide all legal services for Shia Court Marriage in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


First of all, Maulana Sahib seeks permission from the bride and groom to perform nikah. After obtaining permission, Maulana Sahib recites the Khutba Nikah. And both (Bride and Groom) Ejab o Qabool this Nikha in the presence of witnesses.
After the recitation of Nikah, we will process the legal documentation for both parties’ signatures to apply for marriage registration from the concerned authority on their behalf. These include the registration of Nikahnama (marriage contract) and NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate.


Our Shia clients ask us various questions regarding the legal procedure (Marriage in Court) regarding judicial marriage. Most are from different sects.

1. Is it possible to have a court marriage according to the Shia sect?

  • Yes, according to the Shia sect, court marriage can be done.

2. Can a Shia girl marry a Hanafi boy?

  • Yes, there is no prohibition in Islam.

3. Can a Shia boy marry a Hanafi girl?

  • Yes, there is no prohibition in Islam.

4. Is it possible to have an online court marriage according to the Shia sect?

  • Yes, it can be done. You can visit our online services to learn how to get married online.

5. Can a Christian girl be court-married to Muslim Boy?

  • Yes, it is permissible for a Muslim to marry Ahl al-Kitab.

6. Can a Muslim girl marry a non-Muslim?

  • No, Islam does not allow a Muslim girl to marry a non-Muslim.

7. Is it haraam to have a court marriage?

  • No, court marriage is done according to Islam by fulfilling all the conditions.

8. Does a court marriage require a permit?

  • No separate marriage permit is required.

9. Is there a separate government fee for a court marriage?

  • No, there is no separate fee.

10. Is Nikah recites in court marriage like traditional Nikah?

  • Yes, marriage is recited.

11. Does Maulana Sahib recite Nikah?

  • Yes, Maulana Sahib recites Nikah in the presence of witnesses.

12. Can Overseas Pakistanis Have a Court Marriage in Pakistan?

  • Yes.

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