Pakistan the Landlord of the Tenant laws so they based upon the justice and the fair play. It is appears to be lean toward the tenants so that, but in the reality it does not do so.There are four main laws dealing within the rent restriction and which covers the following areas of the Pakistan.

  • Islamabad the Capital (Territory) of Pakistan
  • Punjab
  • Baluchistan
  • KpK
  • Sindh
  • Azad Kashmir
  • Fata
  • Gilit Balistan
  • and also other Cantonment areas
Can the landlord and the tenant are freely agree the rents in Pakistan?

In Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan rents will be freely in the agreement between the property owners and the tenant. The rental agreement should be registered within the Rents Controllers inside per-week of the linguistics communication between the agreement. The rent of the building is a mechanically magnified at higher of the each three years of the abidance by the 25 of the rents already being paid by the tenants and that unless the owners and tenants conform to the increase the rent by an agreement in the writing.

In the five different locations of the Pakistan coated by the distinctives and provincial legislation so the Rents Controller is a sceptered to be mend a very good rent, on the base on the application by the tenants or the landowner.

These other areas are:
  1. Punjab
  2. Kpk,
  3. Baluchistan,
  4. Azad Kashmir,
  5. Gilit Balistan,
  6. Fata,
  7. Sindh ,
  8. Other Cantonment areas.

Followings the factors are considere in the deciding on a fair rents:

  • The rent of an equivalents of the building and the similars accommodation at intervals the necks of woods at the moment, and thru the twelve months before the application;
  • then he rise within the value of the construction , the repairing , the charges and the taxes;
  • The rental worth of the building within the land / property tax that is Assessment the Register of the Taxation Department or the assessment list of the cantonment Board so that within the cantonment areas.

In the The Cantonment areas / locations and in the Punjab / Kpk / Baluchistan / sindh / kashmir and gilgit baltistan. If their is the fair rents exceeds so the rent being paid by the tenant on the date of the filings and the application then the maximum rents is increase by the 20% to 25%.

In the Sindh, where is a fair rents has been fixed and no increase may be they affected for three years. In any events they increases in the rents may not be exceed 5% to 10% per annum on the basis on the existing rent.

In national capital the Capital of Pakistan and also the encampment areas/places, if there is the rent has been determined by the agreement between the owners and the tenants so no additional increases is the permissibles throughout the abidances if it is but the three year that is excepted then wherever any addition alteration or the improvements has been applied at the landlords expenses and at the requests of tenants. The rents and therefore the magnified might not be exceed the truthful rent and owed for the same building or the rented land in the same necks of the woods so that and is not indictables till the developments or the alteration has been completed.

What the rights do not landlords and the tenants have in Pakistan and especially as to be duration of the contract and the victions?

In Islamabad (capital of pakistan) no occupancy the shall be a valid on the far sides such that the amounts because of the landholders and the tenant could be fixed by the mutual agreements and before that once the commencements of the occupancy. If their is no amount is fastened so that the occupancy shalls are not to be valid once the six months from the date of receipts by the tenants from the owners of a notice in the writing terminating and the occupancy.

In Islamabad Capital of Pakistan and the Punjab, Kpk and the Baluchistan the tenancy may be brought to be an end:

  • Where the landlords has been died
  • Or may be in a salaried workers and has been retired or is thank to be retire or has been proceeded or is thank to be a proceed inactives or the preceding to the retirements or inside the amounts of six months and the widow or the minor of the deceased landholder, because of the and case could be also.
A tenancy laws maybe also brought to an end in these areas / places:

Where the tenants has not be paid rents within the 15 days at the fixed time in the contract or in the absences of any agreements in the contract so that within the 60 days from the periods for which rent is payable

The provided that is wherever that is applying created by the owner in Punjab (geographic area) and the Baluchistan on the higher than the ground is involving by default of 1 month solely and also that the tenant on the primary date of hearing admits and his/her liability to pay the rent due from him the Controllers shall so that if he/she is happy that the tenant has not created anyother neglects any previous occasion, the direct the tenant to be deposit all the rent due from him on or before a date not olympian the fifteen days to be mounted for aims and Associate in an Nursingd upon such taht deposit being to be created he/she shall build an order rejecting by the applying. If such deposit isn't created he has shall been to build Associate in order to that the owners may be place into the possessions of the property while not taking any longer then proceedings within the case.
Where the tenants has without by the written consent of the landlords:
  • the transferred his rights under the leases or the sublet the entires building or the rented land or the any portion thereof; or
  • used the buildings or the rented land for the purpose other than that for which it was the leased or has been infringed anyothers conditions of the tenures on which the building and the rented lands is held by the landlord.
  • The tenant has been committed such that acts as that are the likely to impair materially the values or the utility of the buildings or the rented lands.
  • The tenants and the indulged in the activities as are the causing nuisance to be the neighbours.
  • Where the buildings is the situated in a places/areas others than the hills station so that the tenants has ceased to be occupy the buildings for the continues periods of four months without the reasonable cause. not applicables in the Islamabad.
  • The buildings or the rented lands is reasonably and in the goods faith required by the landlords for the re-construction or the erections of a buildings or the landlords has been obtained the necessary sanction for the said re-construction or erections from the authority.
The controller maybe give the tenant reasonables times to put the landlord in possessions of the buildings or the rented land and may extend such at that time, but not to exceed four months and three months in Islamabad the Capital Territory within the aggregates.

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