Urdu Nikahnama (Marriage Certificate) Registration

NikahNama (marriage certificate) may be a binding contract and a elementary component of an Muslim wedding / marriage. It describes the rights and obligations of prescribed by each parties (Bride and the Groom).

Getting Urdu Nikah-Nama (Contract or Proxy Marriage certificate) then the connected issues are uphill tasks for the expatriate / abroad (international) Pakistanis. they are living in countries around the world like USA, UK, China , Turky , U.A.E , CANADA, Australia, Germany, UAE, and country etc. Those people who are unable to travel to or jaunt country (come back to country) for this purpose can apply online to urge their wedding. Advocate Ali Shahzad offer you to all legal facilitate for such issues. we tend to serve our the worldwide moreover as like as the main cities of country like Capitals, metropolis, and Lahore , Karachi , Islamabad , Peshawar, Quetta, Kashmir.

The Rules of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 in West Pakistan

According to the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961. That is obligatory that the NikkahNama have to be compelled to be registered among the Union Council. where the primary (1st) copy of Nikah-Nama unceasingly preserved as public record. The NikkahNama (marriage certificate) kind has four copies dully crammed by marriage registrar (Nikah Khawan). they are signed by all concerned individuals.SO that is a legal proof of the wedding (Nikkah) at a lower place the laws.

Urdu Nikahnama

In the other case you've misplaced your NikkahNama (marriage certificate) so that otherwise you need to get a duplicate copy of your NikahNama and you will be ready to grasp from the concerned of Union Council that is work own your area. For immigration wants. The Nikahnama or Nikkah certificate ought to be registered.

Ali Shahzad Advocate and Their Associates Court Marriage :

The NADRA Registered Marriage Certificate provides you to further evidence of nikkah registration. The original NikahNama or marriage certificate is in Urdu. If you wish NikahNama for any continuing then it is often translated in English, Arabic, Hindi, Bangla, afghan, German and other languages , however it should be authenticated from a certified officer. So you'll be able to transfer Pakistani NikahNama (marriage certificsate) in Urdu or English or other Format as PDF Documents from our website.

We offer you to various packages for Online Nikah (marriage) and its related services thats like attestation of Nikahnama or marriage certificate. It will be admissible around the whole world.

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